How to create a personal, bohemian wedding. Untraditionally!

One of the BEST things about weddings is that they can all be insanely different – I LOVE it! From the venues to the decorations to the choice of entertainment, almost everything can have a personal touch. For example, Jess and Duncan had 5 tiers of cheese instead of cutting a cake and some brownies for their cake-loving guests. One style of wedding that I love is a bohemian wedding.

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Make a List.

If you can’t come up with fresh ideas on how you want to personalise your day, I highly recommend making a list. Write down all the little things you both LOVE, then decide how you can include them. If you love a pub quiz, pick a bridesmaid to write one based on funny parts of your relationship for entertainment! Jess and Duncan’s had questions about their first date and the places they’ve visited. You can even include a photo round! Sean and I have nabbed that one!

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Pinterest can be your saviour!

Struggling to come up with ways to include them? Pinterest is your saviour for ideas and will help you get your creative juices flowing. Remember all the little things guests think you need (you don’t need anything you don’t want but that’s a whole other blog post in itself and my emailing list tackles it too, see it here) and think of how you can change them into something that resembles you and your partner or something you both love!

Let’s talk about Jess’s wedding dress. If you’re a bride they are SOOO exciting! She had a gorgeous dress she found online without a train or a veil. SO much easier to dance in! She had her hair done by a local salon and did her own makeup. She looked absolutely amazing! As for her
bridesmaids, she let them choose their own dresses and simply told them pastel colours with matching flower crowns to bring them all together! A true bohemian wedding!

The Ceremony

Jess and Duncan chose to have a very small, simple ceremony at Hammersmith town hall with only their close family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is the PERFECT option for anyone who gets stage fright or doesn’t like all the attention on them! There are plenty of town halls in London. SO many of them have GORGEOUS rooms. I’d recommend also having a look at Hackney, Marylebone, and Chelsea. Hammersmith also has a room set out like a courtroom and the murderino in me wants to photograph a wedding in there!!

Instead of rushing to a reception to meet more guests, Jess and Duncan opted for a meal in the private dining room of a nearby pub, The Blue Anchor. To get there they had to walk, suited and booted, through a grimy subway beneath the A4.

The Reception

The following afternoon the couple had a boho festival themed reception with the rest of their family and friends. And instead of a sit-down meal, to keep with the bohemian wedding style, they had all you can eat pizza for 2 hours. Because who doesn’t like pizza?!? It was literally like they made heaven a place on earth! (see what I
did there?!)

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The Speeches

Are you feeling a little reluctant to make a speech?! You can scrap them if you want but if you don’t, why not do one together? It’s so much easier to stand up in front of your loved ones with your best friend next to you! Also, you don’t have to go on forever – the longest speech doesn’t get a
prize! So, keep it short, thank those who you need to thank and have a funny little story in there. My speech for my sister’s wedding is 4 sentences, I think it’s going to take me longer to stand up and sit down than say it – and that’s my jam!

The First Dance

Jess and Duncan weren’t keen on having a first dance and wanted everyone on the dance floor with them. But their guests were a stubborn bunch so they were left to fend for themselves! I’m so glad they were. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but look at these photos!

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Bohemian wedding or not, lots of my couples are TERRIFIED of their first dance. Not many people like a stage, I totally get it. I cannot dance for shit, there isn’t a bone in this body that can even tap to a beat! BUT your first dance isn’t meant to be on time, or in rhythm. Pull out any move you want and your guests are GUARANTEED to love it!! So please try not to overthink it!

Here’s some lovely words from couple themselves!!

My new husband and I are absolutely delighted with Lottie’s photos of our wedding! While her talent speaks for itself in the shots, what they don’t show is how wonderful Lottie is to work with. From the beginning responsive and attentive. We exchanged loads of emails and met for coffee and Lottie really threw herself into understanding our vision for the day and how we wanted it captured.

On the days themselves, Lottie was early and well-prepared and really blended in with the guests – so much so that a passerby asked if we wanted a photo with her in it too! In fact, this has to be one of her strongest qualities – we really felt like she was an enthusiastic and engaged guest throughout and she really put people at ease, enabling her to take some really lovely and genuine candid snaps. We were so relieved to have Lottie with us, knowing that she was quietly working away without barking orders at us or marshalling our big day. She really got on board with our low-key and informal vibe and was so easy-going and flexible when we only decided her finish time on the day.

Lottie was also really accommodating with the final viewing – carting all her stuff into central London to make it easier for us. We were so pleased with the photos and Lottie’s attention to detail. Now we’re totally spoiled for choice in which ones to print.

I have already recommended Lottie to several friends and will definitely continue to do so!
Love Jess and Duncan xxx