Bride and Groom in Notting Hill

Notting Hill / Asylum Chapel Wedding of Dreams

Let’s get straight to the point; this blog post is to show off Laura and Joe’s incredible Asylum Chapel wedding!

It’s to celebrate the untraditional, the fun, the style, the flower crown of dreams, a jumpsuit named after the bride and a fabulous, upbeat dance tribute to Laura’s Mum.

Finishing with a lovely Q and A with Laura and Joe themselves! A list of their incredible suppliers can also be found at the bottom of the page.

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Harry Potter Locations You Should Include In Your Engagement Shoot

This is a virus who must not be named (and we’re entirely sick of hearing about) friendly outing. I’d been to a lot of the locations before but going back and actually looking at the filming angles and how much work went into the making of it makes it’s all the more exciting!

Writing this blog made me feel a lot like this entire scene from Brooklyn 99.

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11 Epic ways to make your micro wedding better than a big wedding!

You want to get married surrounded by all your loved ones, I totally get it!! (Summer 2021 bride to be over here). You want all the bells and whistles and you’re quite happy to go ahead with a smaller guest list. Hey, if you have a bigger reception at a later date then that’s just twice the fun, am I right?

Just because your wedding is going to be ‘micro’ doesn’t mean the fun has to be. In fact, fewer guests can mean more enjoyment! Allow me to help you out with 11 ways to make sure your micro wedding is the best anyone’s ever been to. 

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6 Easy tricks to make sure your wedding speeches are fun (for everyone)

I give quite a bit of advice on speeches in my Instagram captions so I thought this is the perfect time to put them altogether in a blog. And I’ve even brought in an expert for some fabulous advice, Nat Raybould – humanist celebrant and speech maestro! So let’s get to it…

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Asylum Chapel Wedding, Bride and and groom leaving the ceremony

How to get the natural, fun wedding photos you want (without awkwardly posing!)

You want your wedding day to be THE one everyone talks about!

For your guests to go home feeling like they’ve had a fabulous day full of FUN, love and laughter.

AND obviously, you’re going to spend your time joining in on all the shenanigans!

You need natural wedding photos to truly reflect your wedding day, EXACTLY as it is!

There’s no doubt you want natural wedding photos but you feel awkward having your photo taken. You couldn’t think of anything worse than spending time away from your guests to stiffly pose in front of a camera…

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Asylum Chapel Wedding

Seeing as this lockdown is going to postpone wedding season and make next year’s one of the busiest, I thought I’d share Rebekah and Ben’s gorgeous wedding from last summer! The ceremony took place at the amazing Asylum Chapel and the reception at the unique Tanner Warehouse with a simple rustic theme they were going for! You can find all the suppliers information at the bottom of the post!

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7 Reasons You Should Consider an Engagement Shoot

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s the BEST feeling isn’t it!?! Have you finished celebrating yet? I’ve been engaged since May last year and I swear we’re still celebrating with different people each weekend (pre-corona virus). Here are just some of the reasons that I believe you should consider an engagement shoot before your wedding.

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How to create a personal, bohemian wedding. Untraditionally!

One of the BEST things about weddings is that they can all be insanely different – I LOVE it! From the venues to the decorations to the choice of entertainment, almost everything can have a personal touch. For example, Jess and Duncan had 5 tiers of cheese instead of cutting a cake and some brownies for their cake-loving guests. One style of wedding that I love is a bohemian wedding.

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Groom kissing bride on the forehead

Advice on postponing your wedding from you friendly neighbourhood photographer

At the beginning of the week, I told myself I wouldn’t write one of these. But then I gave my sister some advice (her wedding is in May) and I realised that actually I have some useful insider information on postponing your wedding… 

So, here are my top tips for the bride and grooms-to-be that are having to reschedule their wedding in this current crazy world. 

1) Remember you can and you will still marry the love of your life! Postponing your wedding doesn’t mean it’s cancelled! 

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