Bride and Groom in Notting Hill

Notting Hill / Asylum Chapel Wedding of Dreams

Let’s get straight to the point; this blog post is to show off Laura and Joe’s incredible Asylum Chapel wedding!

It’s to celebrate the untraditional, the fun, the style, the flower crown of dreams, a jumpsuit named after the bride and a fabulous, upbeat dance tribute to Laura’s Mum.

Finishing with a lovely Q and A with Laura and Joe themselves! A list of their incredible suppliers can also be found at the bottom of the page.

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Asylum Chapel Wedding, Bride and and groom leaving the ceremony

How to get the natural, fun wedding photos you want (without awkwardly posing!)

You want your wedding day to be THE one everyone talks about!

For your guests to go home feeling like they’ve had a fabulous day full of FUN, love and laughter.

AND obviously, you’re going to spend your time joining in on all the shenanigans!

You need natural wedding photos to truly reflect your wedding day, EXACTLY as it is!

There’s no doubt you want natural wedding photos but you feel awkward having your photo taken. You couldn’t think of anything worse than spending time away from your guests to stiffly pose in front of a camera…

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Group photos, but make it fun!

So, you want a SUPER fun wedding – you want to entertain all your guests; you want your wedding to be the one they all talk about, FOREVER! 

Importantly, you want group wedding photos and you don’t want to feel like you’re on a pedestal. But you do want to feel comfortable with your friends and family in front of the camera. We all just want to have a GREAT time!

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