Group photos, but make it fun!

So, you want a SUPER fun wedding – you want to entertain all your guests; you want your wedding to be the one they all talk about, FOREVER! 

Importantly, you want group wedding photos and you don’t want to feel like you’re on a pedestal. But you do want to feel comfortable with your friends and family in front of the camera. We all just want to have a GREAT time!

To put it bluntly, group photos are a bit of a dull part of the day, no one enjoys standing around waiting to be called up for their turn, only to then feel awkward and pull that ‘grin and bear it smile’. And it’s surprisingly difficult to act natural when a camera is on you.

Then once you get the photos back, you’ll all zoom into your face and body and wonder:
Wtf was I doing with my hand?
Where did my extra chin come from?
When did my face get that shape?
Has my forehead grown an inch without me knowing?
How come everyone else looks so nice? I’ve ruined the photo for everyone.

Personally, I have no top lip in photos and the happier I am the more it vanishes – it’s bloody splendid.

So, here’s the ONE group wedding photos solution we’ve all been waiting for!

It’s actually SUPER simple, but talking, laughing and just being you, during your group shots is everything! You’re not having your photo taken by your Mum before you go off to prom, it’s your wedding day! So, let’s act like it! 

And HAVE FUN with everyone you love!

I’ll give you an example… If you’re all smiling at the camera, when you see the photo, individually, you’ll all zoom into your own face and body and criticise the shit out of yourself – AM I RIGHT?

Vs. Photos of you and your significant other/family/friends/friends sisters aunts’ goldfish (whichever works for you) laughing, talking together and having a bloody fab time! –  you look at it and your heart smiles and you don’t give a shit if you’ve gained a chin – AM I RIGHT?!

Rumour has it, all cheesy posing has just immediately evaporated from your group shots. Mic drop.

Now let’s simplify it further…

If you have an on-going joke it’s even easier.

Alice and her bridal party spent the morning lunging in their wedding outfits because one of the their suit trousers were a tad tight. It was a full Joey moment…

So here’s the question for you…what are you drawn to in these photos?

group wedding photos by Lottie Povall, London Wedding photographer

Any funny faces? Anyone’s hands doing some mad weird shit? Or how much of a FABULOUS time they are having?!?

group wedding photos by Lottie Povall, London Wedding photographer

If I had dropped a mic above, this is where I would pick it up, and drop it again.

Keep the group wedding photos list short and sweet e.g both families, siblings, grandparents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and everyone. – The best photos are taken when you’re having a great time throughout the day, so just by hanging out with your pals you’re likely to have a GREAT photo of you taken with them.

Get the group photos out of the way after your confetti walk. Done. Dusted. No one will hang about waiting for their turn or have run off to change their shoes or spilt a drink down themselves.

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Vendors for Alice & Martyn’s wedding: 
Venue: Bartholomew Barn
Bridal hair and make up: Tea and Trim
Bridesmaids make up: Emma Smith Make Up
Flowers: Lady Lissy Floristry
Dress by: Luna Novias
Dress from: Fross Wedding Collections
Bridesmaids dresses: Debenhams
Suit: Next