Hi, I'm Lottie

A relaxed, London wedding photographer who LOVES capturing your special day! I’m also planning a fun, personal wedding with my fiance, Sean!

You spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer, you need someone who will fit in with your day. So just to make sure we get on, here are a random bunch of facts about me:

I’ve been mistaken for an enthusiastic guest with a camera during almost every wedding I’ve worked.

I’m incredibly clumsy. I face-planted up a step on mine and Sean’s second date.

Almost all our date nights end in a club and we have a habit of picking up preloved, discarded furniture on our way home.

Taylor Swift is my all-time hero.  The way the world inspires her music and her marketing is incredible. Don’t even get me started on her genius lyrics… 

I challenge you to listen to this All Too Well performance and try and tell me you didn’t feel every lyric in your bones. 

You’ll usually find me wearing a striped top and dungarees. And if there is anything unnaturally blue to eat or drink, I’ll probably have that too. Could bubblegum ice cream taste any better?!

A cup of tea can solve a lot of problems, but pinot grigio definitely does it better! 

This is how I feel about lettuce. I will pick it out of anything that’s served with it. 

I believe pineapple belongs on pizza.

I’m a sad song fanatic. Despite being happily in love for 7 years. 

I love re-watching sitcoms. Friends, Brooklyn 99, New Girl, Schitts Creek – you name it I’m probably re-watching it. 

Your wedding day has so many parts to it and you can personalise them as subtly or over the top as you like. It’s part of what makes the day yours! 

We’ll be including little anecdotes to these throughout our wedding day: Wellies, Taylor Swift, Friends, Drones, Marvel Films and Jurassic Park. I’ll let you guess which are my favourite things! 

Let me know below what you plan to include in yours!

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