Hi, I’m Lottie, a relaxed London wedding photographer who LOVES capturing your special day! I live with my fiancé, Sean (yes, I’m also planning THE most fun wedding!) and our African Pygmy hedgehog, Angus. Also, I believe that pineapple belongs on pizza.

Your wedding photographer is the vendor you spend the most time with on your special day. So, you need someone you get along with as well as someone who will fit in and have fun with all your guests. Most of all you want natural photos of all the silly shenanigans of your wedding day!

I get that, SO I make sure I get to know each of my couples on a personal level. I’ve been mistaken for a guest during almost every wedding I’ve photographed. I want to know everything about you and your wedding so I can become an enthusiastic guest and preserve your wedding day exactly as it is!
But before you tell me all about you, here’s a bit about me:

Relaxed, fun, London wedding photographer laughing

I’m incredibly clumsy. I fell up a step on mine and Sean’s second date which felt a lot like a moment from a romantic comedy as I jumped back up to act like it never happened.

A perfect night out is a bar crawl that ends in a club and an obligatory Mcdonalds. Most of our date nights end like this and we also have a habit of picking up preloved, discarded furniture on our way home.

Taylor Swift is my all-time hero. Telling facts about her to anyone who will listen is probably my most annoying trait. 

You’ll usually find me wearing a striped top and dungarees and if there is anything unnaturally blue to eat or drink available, I’ll probably have that too. Could bubblegum ice cream taste any better?! 

I often dream of living in a Pinterest worthy home. I also LOVE a wall gallery. Quite often you’ll find me obsessing over how my client’s photos will look in their home and making online wall galleries to give you a representation of your big day.

During my photoshoots, I love to play with light, composition, sparklers, smoke bombs and double exposures!

relaxed London wedding photographer enjoying a bubblegum ice cream

My superpower is helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I do this by getting to know the real you before I stick a camera in your face! I can also talk for England and offer a boatload of guidance.

There are SO many parts to your wedding day for you to personalise in subtle and fun ways! This is part of what makes your day yours.

Here are a few things I’m planning on including in our day… Brooklyn 99, Friends, Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, Drones, Marvel films and Jurassic Park. I’ll let you guess which are my favourite things.

Let me know in the contact form what you plan to include in yours!

London Wedding photographer's pet hedgehog being cute

Angus, 4 years old

Likes: sleeping, snuggles, mealworms, teaming up with his Dad to make bad smells and pooing on set when I want him to look cute.

Dislikes: having his nails clipped, anyone seeing him go to the toilet, being woken up, getting lost in his blankets and accidentally pooing in his food bowl.

Double exposure engagment photo taken by london wedding photographer

“From getting in touch beforehand to ask about our photo style preferences and wedding colour scheme, to guiding us through on the day when we were feeling a little camera shy. She was super friendly and made us feel totally at ease. ”

Ellen & Angus, Engagement Shoot

Get in touch, I can’t wait to hear from you