Why do I need a pre-family photoshoot consultation? & what is it?

Your family photos are mega important to you, so they need to be just right. They need to express your individual personalities. I want to get to know your family so the entire family photoshoot is tailored to you. We’ll discuss where you want your shoot, what you should wear, what you want from your shoot and all you children’s favourite games so I know how to get the best photos of them. If you don’t think you’ll have time, this can all be done over the phone. We’ll also pick a date for your viewing session.

We’re camera shy & awkward but we’d LOVE a family photoshoot, would that work?

I like to everyone relax into a shoot by going on a walk, so that’s where we start. Your kids can play around as much as they like. Chase each other, play with sticks, explore, anything they like to do. I LOVE capturing families doing what they always do. The posed photos will take a back seat at the beginning, you all need to feel more comfortable in front of the camera beforehand. Once I feel everyone is relaxed, I’ll position you in the right lighting and get you to sit and play around with your kids, like you always do. You probably won’t even notice me there. Really, all you need to do is enjoy some quality time with your family and leave the photos to me.

Can you just photograph my children?

Of course! However always remember when booking your shoot that these photos aren’t just for your walls or Facebook profile. They’re also for your children to look through over the years. You may be present in their day to day lives but you’ll seem absent in the family albums to come. We can always book a child shoot and you and/or your partner can change your minds on the day!

What should we wear?

Firstly, avoid any giant labels or cartoons on the front of T-shirts. And you’ll find out the rest of my tips when I send you my brochure.

Can we bring our dog?

Most definitely, I LOVE dogs! Pets are part of the family and should ALWAYS be included in a family photoshoot! If Sean and I could have a shoot with our hedgehog, Angus we definitely would! (He’s nocturnal)

What if the weather is bad?

I usually book in 2 dates with you during your pre-shoot consultation so that we have a back-up in the diary. If I think we need to cancel I’ll text you the day prior to your shoot. Otherwise if you’re happy to change the shoot to an indoor location then you should ALWAYS think about your family home. After all it’s where you spend the most time together!

Do you only shoot outdoors?

No, I’m completely open to working indoors too. Your family home is always a gorgeous place to start, especially for babies. I don’t offer posed newborn photography but I can offer a lifestyle session. All those little moments should be captured too, they don’t stay tiny for long! Also an indoor session can always turn into an outdoor on if the weathers nice.

What if my child is full of dribble and snot?

That’s completely fine! I’ve gained great skill in removing dribble, snot and all evidence of breakfast and snacks.

How do we see the photos of our family photoshoot?

In your viewing session, this will be arranged during your pre-shoot consultation. It can take place anywhere, including your own home! I do recommend your children aren’t present during this time. It makes sure all your concentration is on your beautiful family photos. I suggest once the kids are in bed, it means no baby sitter is needed. I’ll bring examples of all of my prints and albums so you can get a better idea of what you’re buying. We’ll watch a slideshow of all your image and then thin out your favourites to decipher which ones you want where. If you send me a photo of the wall you want to build a wall gallery, I can show you an example of exactly what it will look like. And I’ll help you choose the perfect package for your family.

What if I get buyer’s remorse?

I won’t order anything for 24 hours. This gives you enough time to make sure you want the products you’ve ordered. There’s no pressure during the viewing session to upgrade. I want you to order what’s right for you, but there is a minimum spend of £

What if we can’t fit in all these meetings?

I’m happy to fit them around your busy schedule. The pre-shoot consultation can be done over the phone, at any time. The shoot is up to 2 hours, if it needs to be shorter it can be but I can’t offer you a discount for this unless it’s pre planned. And the viewing session can be during a weekday evening or on a weekend if that’s best for you.

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