How to create a personal, bohemian wedding, untraditionally!

One of the BEST things about weddings is that they can all be insanely different – I LOVE it! From the venues to the decorations to the choice of entertainment, almost everything can have a personal touch. For example, Jess and Duncan had 5 tiers of cheese instead of cutting a cake and some brownies for their cake loving guests.

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Groom kissing bride on the forehead

Advice on postponing your wedding from you friendly neighbourhood photographer

At the beginning of the week I told myself I wouldn’t write one of these, but then I gave my sister some advice (her wedding is in May) and I realised that actually I have some useful insider information… So, here’s my top tips for bride and grooms-to-be in this current crazy world. 

1) Remember you can and you will still marry the love of your life! Postponing it doesn’t mean it’s cancelled! 

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Group photos, but make it fun!

So, you want a SUPER fun wedding. You want to entertain all your guests. You want your wedding to be the one they all talk about, FOREVER! 

You want group photos. You don’t want to feel like you’re on a pedestal, you want to feel comfortable with your friends and family in front of the camera. You don’t want to pose for the camera, you just want to have a GREAT time! 

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