Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

HELL YESS! I’ve unfortunately not had the pleasure of photographing one yet! BUT I’m SO excited for the day I get to do so. Basically, if it’s a day full of love and fun then I want to be there!

Covid 19 weddings?

I’ll stick strictly to the government guidelines and any extra rules put in place by your venue. I’ll remain socially distant and wear a mask throughout your day but don’t worry your photos won’t be affected I have different lenses for that!

What if we have to reschedule?

If I’m available for your rescheduled date your deposit and any money you’ve paid will remain the same. However, if I’m not available I will refund any money on top of your deposit. Your deposit is non-refundable due to the time I’ve spent on admin and chatting about your plans.

How far can you travel?

Anywhere, literally anywhere! I LOVE to travel! If it’s within the UK I can drive, I have a car, called Barney (he’s purple). Anywhere over 3 hours away I will need to book a hotel for the night before your wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly, so extra charges may occur for a hotel and petrol. However if you’re within 3 hours of Brighton or West Sussex I have accommodation available through my parents.

Can you hold our date for us?

I require a £200 deposit and a signed contract to save your date. I work on a first come first serve basis, so your date isn’t secured until I’ve received both. After that, the rest of the money is required 2 weeks before your wedding date. It can either be broken down into smaller payments or sent in one lump sum, that’s up to you.

How will you fit in on our wedding day, what is your style?

I’ve been mistaken for a guest more times than I can count, a passerby has even asked if I wanted to jump in the photo with the wedding party. I’m always asked how I know the couple, it’s one of the reasons I love my job! I never marshal anyone during the day. I’m the same with your guests as I am with you, I get to know them a bit first. I’m basically just an enthusiastic guest! I love wandering around your day finding the best moments to capture, the ones you might miss, the ones you won’t remember and of course the ones you will.

We’re both camera shy, what if we look awkward in the photos?

No problem, we all feel like this! With my guidance you’ll hardly notice I’m even there! I make sure I get to know you before I stick the camera in your face. It’s one of the best days of your life and you’re marrying your best friend. The couple photos are an opportunity for you to relax with your other half and have fun! This part of the day can include anything from your day; flowers to bouncy castles, alien hoppers, smoke bombs and sparklers!

Please note I can only provide smoke bombs and sparklers on request before your wedding day. I don’t provide them for a sparkler exit, just for couple photos.

Do you take group photos?

Of course, these are a must. I’d suggest no more than 10 groups. That way you can get back to entertaining your guests as quickly as possible! It’s best to pick a groomsman or bridesmaid, with a loudmouth, who knows all the right people to round them up.

How long should I allow for group photos to be taken?

If you stick to around 10 group photos, they can be done in about 20 minutes! Guests get quite bored waiting for their turn and honestly, how long do you want to stand still when you could be talking to all your guests.

Are couple photos taken at the same time as the group shots?

No, I usually take you off later on in the day when you’ve had some time to mingle with your guests. They’ll all be DYING to congratulate you & tell you how FAB you look! So i’ll steal you away when the sun starts to set to get the perfect lighting. Also no one wants their photos in front of all their guests that calls for a school portrait smile!

Do you have an assistant to photograph the groomsmen getting ready too?

I don’t but I would be happy to provide you with one for an extra £200. I’ll also ensure they have a similar style to mine.

How long do you stay?

I have 2 different packages; full day is bridal prep through to an hour after your first dance (10 hours+) and a half day is 5 continuous hours of coverage and the timing is your choice.

Do you need/expect a meal?

This is completely up to you, I’m happy to bring my own food along and eat it while you eat yours and you can provide a meal. I just need to know before the day.

What happens if you’re ill on the day?

I’d have to be projectile vomiting, or have a broken limb for this to happen. A snotty nose doesn’t stop me, ever! But I would very quickly organise a photographer, with the same style, to photograph your day and send the money you’ve paid me to them.

How many photos do we get?

This does depend on how much coverage you want. I always try to deliver between 300 and 400 final images on a branded USB stick and a password protected gallery, so you can share them with your friends and family!

Do we receive a mixture of colour and black and white shots?

Yes, after editing all your photos I go through them again to decide which ones look better in black and white.

When will the photos be ready to view?

The photos will be ready between 3-6 weeks after your big day. We’ll book your viewing session during your pre-wedding consultation, so no chasing necessary.

How do we see our photos?

I REALLY like seeing your faces when I show you your photos, and call me vain, I love the compliments. So, we arrange a viewing session, either somewhere neutral or at yours and I show you a slideshow of your entire day! Let’s celebrate with a drink! (prosecco on tap please). I’ll also show you my studio example of my wedding album a long with a pdf layout for your own wedding album. You can order it there and then, have a think about it or move some photos around, take some out or add more that’s up to you. Album prices are from £500.

Do you sell prints, frames and albums?

I sell all of the above, you can see them here. It might be the photographer in me but I find physical photos are nicer than digital, which is also why I enjoy giving you a USB with all your final images. Digitals are also much more likely to sit in a draw and go unused. So, I REALLY love selling the physicals too!

Can I have the raw files?

I spend hours, like way more time than I care to admit, making your photos perfect! Most computers hate raw files and you also need a specific program to open them. So, I can only give you the jpegs, however if you’d like to see a photo in black and white that I’ve left in colour, I am happy to do that for you!

Can we share our photos online?

Yes, please do! Plaster them across all your social media sites – I love reading the comments and seeing how many like they get (I’m a bit needy). Please remember tag me so I can see them too!

Are the photos copyrighted?

The copyright is mine, I made it so I get to keep it. It’s some law related thing to protect me. However, I give you printing rights, so you can print them anywhere you like, you just can’t claim they’re yours, use them in your own marketing, sell or edit them, it’s like painting over a Monet painting, would you?

Do we have to give you permission to use our photos?

It’s not a requirement but I love sharing your photos but if you prefer to keep them to yourselves then that is completely your choice! I have a contract available for you to sign that says I won’t use the photos in my marketing. Just let me know!

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes! These are an hour long and cost £200 during the week and £250 on weekends. This includes an online gallery of all your final images (20-30) to download. I love an engagement shoot, it’s a great time to play with sparklers, smoke bombs, double exposures and have a walk, either somewhere new or somewhere that means something to you and your fiancé. They’re a great way for me to get to know both of you. It helps you both relax in front of the camera. You can learn more about engagement shoots here.

What happens now?

I still have your attention!? Excellent, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please specify if you’d prefer a phone call back or an email so that I know how to catch you.

If you’re still unsure and you live in London or West Sussex, then I am SO happy to come and meet you and your fiancé, talk weddings and have a drink! Tell me how you met as well as all about your day so far and let’s go from there!

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