10 Epic ways to make your micro wedding as amazing as a big wedding!

Micro-weddings, I’m so glad they are still a thing!!

There are so many different reasons you’ve decided to keep things small. It could be that your venue isn’t licensed, or it’s outside, or you want to take your big day and make it SUPER personal with a celebrant ceremony! All that means twice the fun am I right?!?

Or small is your thing and you want to spend as much time with each guest as you possibly can. I totally get it!!

Either way, you’re here because you want to take that micro-wedding and make it the best one anyone’s ever been to. So, let’s make it epic!

Let’s make your smaller celebration just as epic as a big wedding!!

Unique entertainment ideas for your micro wedding reception!

I don’t want to start by being a party pooper but do check with your wedding venue before you start booking your new suppliers. Some venues’ rules are slightly different to others.

1) Add a touch of nostalgia with an Arcade

If you grew up playing PAC-MAN, Space Invaders, Scalextric or Street Fighter then this is the nostalgic fun you need to bring to your small wedding. You could make an awesome competition or mini-league out of the games. If you’ve already got a venue you can hire them in or take your guests on a trip to one!

2) Give your guests a Fairgame with this fairground for adults!

Leading on BEAU-tifully (Bruce almighty, can’t unhear it!) to this non-advert that totally could be one!

Ok so this place is AMAZING! From the classic, throwing a ball at tin cans to smacking hamsters with a hammer to Roll-A-Ball Derby. You name it, this place has it! The nostalgia is never-ending! I highly recommend this place…and it would be SOOO much better on your wedding day! Here’s the link (still not an Ad or affiliate)

3) Get merry with a Cocktail Masterclass

I think all you need to do here is imagine your Nan or Grandad getting their shake on with a cocktail shaker and you already know you’re onto a winner.

You could rename the cocktails so they are based on you and your other half or your favourite tv programs or films! Mine would have to be something blue, what would yours be?

Fewer guests mean everyone can get involved! Plus, if anyone’s goes horribly wrong you not only get to witness it, but you most certainly get photos to remember the moment.

Also, if you’re looking for the perfect cocktail topper, you can literally use photos of your own faces?!? This company lets you do just that.

4) Get your guests on Board with these Games

Hear me out, there’s some fab board games for social occasions – Funemployed is an absolutely cracking game! Think Cards against Humanity but applying for a job with 1 card. My Grandad once got the doctor job with his fishnet knee high stockings!! I probably didn’t explain that right so here’s a ridiculously cheesy example video. What do you meme? is also a great one, along with all it’s expansion packs. Beat that is fantastic! You bet on whether you’ll be able to do the task on the card. The tasks are things like all players must lie down and balance a cup on their head. The first one up without dropping the cup wins.

I could go on forever, we play a lot of group fun board games as a family. So here’s a few notable mentions: Scrawl is fantastic, Don’t get got is a sly one, Articulate will have you shouting things you’d never expect to say in front of your family (I once shouted piercing at the end of a willy for Prince Albert – surrounded by my parents, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.) Bucket of Doom and Saboteur.

Basically anything Big Potato Games sells are great for group sizes around 6-14. If you have more or less guests you can have a couple of games at the same time but either way it means everyone can really get into it! 

5) Get ‘lit’ with Sparklers or fireworks

Have your ceremony later in the day (did someone say a lie in… on your wedding day?!) and finish your night with fireworks or sparklers! Firework shows are always spectacular and imagine the surprise on everyone’s faces?! While you and all your guests are all huddled together with a glass of whatever you are drinking, toasting to your new life together.  As for sparklers, who doesn’t love waving a sparkler about? Think of the photos!! (immediately types ‘wedding sparkler send-off’ into Pinterest)

6) Let’s get down to booziness – Drinking games

I don’t think anyone who enjoys drinking games can turn down the opportunity to play them! I’m a massive fan of the classics like Ring of Fire, Flip cup, Beer pong, Never have I ever and Mushroom Cup. Anything that involves everyone works a treat and the photos would be so much fun!!  

7) Team up with a Scavenger hunt

There’s a company that runs scavenger hunts via text, some would say it’s micro-wedding ideal! You get into teams and solve a trail of clues across the City and interact with characters as well as the physical world! They also guide you to great places to eat and drink along the way! Think of the gorgeous photo spots along the way! Here’s the link (not an Ad or affiliate) 

8) What’s family without a little competition? – Video games

 Bear with me, you could make this look stylish as hell and also have the BEST time! Get a projector, a SNES, a PlayStation, a blackboard and some chalk, and add some neon lights for good measure (and aesthetic)! Also if you really want to get EVERYONE involved, I highly recommend a pack of Jackbox Games, they are all multiplayer and all you need is a phone with access to the internet.

9) Everyone for themselves with Mini Golf!

Made SOOO much better in your wedding outfits!! There are so many great themed ones too; Swingers, Junkyard Golf, Puttshack, Plonk and so many more!

10) Quiz your guests!

It sounds pretty basic but hear me out! There’s so much potential with a quiz, and it doesn’t have to all be about you. Or even if it is, you might not remember the answer.

I hate to take us back to lock down but unfortunately you need to know, Also sidenote that both my parents and I have birthdays a week apart from the end of April.

So we were in the height of the first lockdown.

Each birthday we had a Zoom call and some sort of quiz. And to say we were a bit over it by the 3rd would be an understatement. So I made a photo round for my Mum.

Queue me finding photos from our various family holidays for a round of Where Were We? And finding photos of her with various people, pulling them into Photoshop, cutting her face out and covering everyone else’s faces with hers.

And surprisingly, even she couldn’t answer all of them!

Other themed rounds you could have are general knowledge, music round, TV rounds, or just the classic he said/she said game.

There are soooooooo many more ways to celebrate your micro-wedding other than just a meal! Even a great venue can make all the difference!

I hope these ideas encouraged you to think outside the box! And if you need a photographer then you can….

Or get in touch below!

I’m Lottie, a pinot grigio groupie, Friends-aholic and murder documentary enthusiast who loves to party. I photograph weddings full of fun shenanigans, partying and real emotions.  I’m usually mistaken for an enthusiastic guest with a camera. If you think I’d fit into your wedding day, get in touch below or find more about me here!

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