Foolproof Tips For KILLER Dancefloor Photos On Your Wedding Day

Do you LOVEEEE to sing and dance while you do boring household chores? Or a sing a long in the car? 

On a night out, is the dance floor your favourite part?

Do your date nights regularly end in a bar or a club until 2 am?

Do you find joy in not taking yourself too seriously? 

This….This blog post is for you!!

We are the generation who used to take a camera – an ACTUAL camera on a night out! And you know what we used to do with those photos? Create an album and post them alllllll on Facebook – for our entire friend list to see; the good, the bad and (I’d argue, most importantly), the hilarious! 

Ahh if the TikTok generation could see how we lived!

So why are we also the generation that doesn’t want a wedding photographer on the dancefloor after the first dance?

Personally, my friends and I used to see how many awkward animals we could squeeze into one night out. There’s even a photo of us doing the awkward whale in the middle of the dancefloor! Albeit it wasn’t very busy…but we are lying on a club floor! 

Now let’s take a second to think back to those photos or have a look at them, do you regret them? Or are they fun, hilarious memories with people you most likely aren’t friends with anymore? 

SO why wouldn’t you want photos on your dancefloor at your wedding… with all the people you love having the time of your lives?!? 

Bride and Groom on the dancefloor singing along with their guests

‘But Lottie, I can’t dance’ ….I hear you, little newsflash for you, nor can I or most of your friends !


So, what are you afraid of? … Embarrassing photos? 


This isn’t Instagram stories where you post a video during a night out and the next morning have hangxiety over how many people have seen your dance moves.


These are your culled and edited wedding photos. I mean if it’s funny I will include it because who really takes themselves that seriously?!?

There is SOOO much happiness and fun to be photographed on the dancefloor and I don’t think we celebrate it enough!! 

It’s often the point of the day that no one can remember because you’re either too busy having a GREAT time or you may have had a little help from the bar. 

Wouldn’t you love a reminder of how much fun was on your dancefloor? Also, some closure to your wedding album? 

After all this is probably the only day all of the people you love will be in the same room as you! 

The day will go by in a flash and the one thing you’ll have to look back on is…the photos!! So, lets include that dancefloor!! 

Groom on the dancefloor with his arms in the air surrounded by guests

What is it like to have a photographer on the dancefloor at your wedding?

Remember student club nights always had a photographer. Walking around like a lost puppy, waiting for you to tap them on the shoulder for a group photo. Well scrap that from your memory.


Because that’s NOT what I do. 


I join in, I’ll be dancing the night away with you and your friends while STILL getting the photos you want of your shenanigans! I’ll watch out for all the best dance moves and capture the joy in all the sing-alongs.  Making sure you get the BEST dancefloor photos that you WILL want to share! 

Finally, how do you get the best dancefloor photos?

The quickest/ best way is to choose the right DJ or band for you AND your guests. Think about what will get everyone on the dancefloor. 80’s hits? 90’s? Noughties? or the 2010’s? Or a mix? (we had a mix and it worked perfectly).


Or is a particular genre better for you? Pop punk? Reggae? R&B? Metal? Rock music? Choose what’s right for you and your guests!


Another great idea is a brass band! My sister had one at hers and they were INCREDIBLE!! The entire wedding was on the dancefloor all night!  


Secondly, if you want lots of photos with all of your guests on the dancefloor, then literally ask them to join you for a song and spread the word! 

Here's how to make sure you get those dancefloor photos!

I have 3 options! 

My all day package – £1600 for 10 hours 

The times are up to you, so I can start at your ceremony instead of getting ready


If you also want photos of you getting ready then you can individually add hours to the end of your package for £150 per hour (includes the extra editing) 


my FUCK IT, we’ll have you all day package£ 2200 for 14 hours (roughly 10-midnight) 

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