Advice on postponing your wedding from you friendly neighbourhood photographer

At the beginning of the week, I told myself I wouldn’t write one of these. But then I gave my sister some advice (her wedding is in May) and I realised that actually I have some useful insider information on postponing your wedding… 

So, here are my top tips for the bride and grooms-to-be that are having to reschedule their wedding in this current crazy world. 

1) Remember you can and you will still marry the love of your life! Postponing your wedding doesn’t mean it’s cancelled! 

2) Feel what you need to feel! Go through the motions but don’t panic. Take your time and talk it all through with your partner, unless your wedding is tomorrow you don’t need to panic. 

3) Unfortunately, this is no longer something us and the world can avoid. Check through your contracts with all your wedding suppliers. Look at the date you need to have made a decision by.  I’d absolutely hate for you to lose money because you made your decision too late.  

4) Don’t feel guilty about postponing your wedding. Guests aren’t going to be disappointed in you, they’re disappointed FOR you!! We are literally in a global pandemic. Aunt Karen twice removed can sit the fuck down about losing her hotel deposit or having to pay a little extra to change the dates! 

5) Please, if you take ANYTHING from this blog post let it be this. Your wedding suppliers still want to work with you! You DON’T need to start the planning process all over again. If they can’t make your new date, they’ll take it upon themselves to find a few other suppliers with a similar style and morals who are available to take the stress out of your hands! We’re all about community over competition. 

6) And here’s a little advice if you do need to rearrange your wedding, on the original ‘big day’ you can still celebrate through technology – Skype all your family, get some wine, do some speeches, even have a makeshift ceremony. Put on your wedding playlist and dance around your living room because you’ll get to look back on it and maybe even thank COVID-19 for letting you make even more amazing memories.

7) Embrace the shit out of a micro wedding if it’s the right thing for you and your partner!  Check out the government guidelines, figure out what you can and can’t do. Make your work arounds and go ahead because love isn’t cancelled! There are lot’s of different things you can do and we’re all down for an alternative wedding! So embrace the pandemic and have an intimate wedding if it’s right for you. 

P.s In the event of an apocalypse…

I’ve been with Sean 6 years. In that time, we’ve watched all 10 seasons of The Walking Dead and more zombie films than I care to admit (including ‘scouts guide to the apocalypse’, ‘cockneys vs zombies’ and even ‘pride and prejudice and zombies’!). So, I’ve been training for this, I will be surviving and will definitely still be available for weddings.  

postponing your wedding because of coronavirus

But in all seriousness, this isn’t an apocalypse, so stop hoarding loo roll and pasta. I’d really hate it if we were all known for the generation who hoarded loo roll. 

postponing your wedding because of COVID-19