Welcome Way out Wedding-ers!!

Thank you for clicking through…I’m SO excited to hear from you! 

(Enthusiasm is my thing if you can’t tell!)

Finding the right wedding photographer for you is a tricky process.

Especially when you’re keeping things untraditional!! The way I see it, you tell me how your wedding is going to go and I’m going to capture it EXACTLY as it is! Absolutely no rules on how a wedding should be here! 

Most importantly I LOVE capturing you and your guests personalities. The mood of the day, the vibes, the emotions, the style, the lack of chair covers and most crucial the FUN SHENIGANS!! 

Want to know a little more about me?

I’m Lottie, a sad song fanatic despite being happily in love for 8 years – the irony!

I’m usually thinking about food. Or some sort of unnaturally flavoured blue drink.

I almost exclusively believe the book is always better! 

I ran half a marathon to raise money for Crohns and Colitis (my other half has Crohn’s).

And I truly believe with my heart and soul that all humans should be treated equally! 

To say thank you for finding me through Way out Weddings you get an extra treat!

A free engagement shoot (within the M25) when you book!! Just quote WOWFRIENDS!

So let's talk about engagement shoots!

Mine are SUPER relaxed, we can go anywhere in London and do WHATEVER you like! 

We can play with smoke bombs or sparklers in the park. Or hit the tourist hotspots around central. Or find some fabulous graffiti/ London murals. 

We could go to a market or an arcade, a fun fair, or a bike ride around London to your favourite film locations (see my Harry Potter blog).

We can also use sunset or sunrise (early birds I’m looking at you) to our benefit! The possibilities are endless!

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